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When Kuja or planet Mars, also known as Mangal stands on 2nd, 4th , 7th , 8th or 12th house at time of birth, then Kuja dosha is persisting on one’s horoscope. Also known as mangalik dosha, effect of this will be reflected on married life. Constant troubles in marital life, doubts, engaging in irritating habits and all around aggressive approach and co-existing without love and affection to each other are some of its effects . To get over these, Kuja parihara pujas are performed by experienced and qualified purohits.

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Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Bengali, Oriya, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati, Bihari etc....

Kuja Dosha Parihara Puja

Kuja dosha means manglik and Parihara means solution so the term kuja dosha parihara is basically the remedy done to make an individual free from kuja dosha. As per ancient beliefs kuja dosha is a major factor which leads to unwanted situations in a couples life and sometimes it may also cause divorce and even death of the spouse. So, kuja dosha must be removed and our team of priests and pandits are experts in doing these parihara’s. These parihara’s has a special significance in Hindu mythology and must be done under proper guidance to avoid any future problems.

Puja Muhurat

Kuja dosha parihara’s are done in many ways with different rules and regulations. In some cases a manglik person has to marry a banana tree or an effigy to avoid this dosha. These parihara’s are done in specific Puja Muhurat and on special days to initiate the positivity in one’s life. So, its always advised to consult pandit before perform puja. We welcome you for any kind of services related to kuja dosha parihara’s as we have expertise with us. Explore our services and give us a chance to serve you with our best possible services. We the Pooja N Pujari team owe to give full satisfaction to our customers. Give us a chance to serve you and let us know our credibility because our credibility depends on your satisfaction.

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For every puja muhurat and puja samagri are the main things which you are unware of, our purohit will help you fix muhurat. And pooja N pujari team deliver puja material at your home or other puja place. Booking a pandit and puja material in Bangalore has became easy with Pooja N pujari.

Materials for Dasha Sandhi shanthi or Rahu-Brihaspathi Sandhi Shanthi : 1.Color of Kuja is red , so red or pink cloth is required . 2.Rose colored flower petals is ideal. 3.Then default items required for Homam like havan-kund , ghee are required. 4.All items required for Kuja dosha parihara is available at our online shop. Perform with best purohit available at Bangalore. Select attractive packages including purohit plus materials from our list .
One way to negotiate with Kuja dosha is to find a partner with same orientation in horoscope . This would cancel the effect of dosha . but this is not always practical as it is not easy to find a partner with same set of doshas . Tuesdays are believed to be ideal for worshiping Kuja. The best and easy solution is to perform Kuja dosha parihara puja by qualified purohit .

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Book a purohit online in bangalore for Namakaranam with pooja samagri at Pooja N pujari

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Customers do have some queries before booking a pandit online. We appreciate that, you can also find the answers for the most asked questions about Pooja N Pujari.

  • Visit our website Pooja N Pujari.
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"Yes" Pooja N Pujari believes in customers satisfaction and so we welcome those who wish to pay us through our online portal and payment gateways. We follow easy steps to accept your payments and assures the delivery through confirmation messages after the money is received.

Pooja N Pujari is a Bangalore based spiritual firm with an aim to provide all kind of puja related services to its customer base. Besides being a provider of pandits and purohits, we are also into spiritual business where we sell only puja related items and materials. These puja materials may range from a small packet of sindur, akshat, haldi or big gods and goddesses idols, puja thalis, small and big sized chambus and many more.

Yes, We have tie-ups with North Indian pandits as Pooja N Pujari spans its services throughout India and we love to help our customers in their own way. Be it a Bengali, Oriya, Bihari or any other language we help you find a suitable and highly versed pandit with your style tradition and customs

Yes, you can postpone or prepone depending upon the purohit availability. But you cannot cancel the puja once it is booked.

Yes, our pandit will fix a muhurat. And there is no extra charge to fix a muhurat if our pandit perform puja. In case if you want our purohit only to fix muhurat, there will be a nominal price.

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