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    Surya Graha Japa
    INR  13100
    INR 13900 (Save 6%)
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    Surya Devaru bestows one with wisdom, knowledge, strength and will-power. If positioned unfavorably in a horoscope this planet may prevent you from attaining success and fulfilling your dreams. Surya Graha Japa is an excellent remedy for appeasing the Surya Devaru and attaining his favor. Religious Significance of Performing the Surya Graha Japa If Surya Graha is placed in incompatible Houses in your horoscope such as the 3rd, 6th, 8th and 12th then it will impart negative effects. The Surya Graha Japa counteracts all ill consequences of inimical placement of sun in your birth chart When Can the Surya Graha Japa be Performed? Sundays are the most auspicious for performing this Japa Advantages of Performing the Surya Graha Japa Enables one to lead disease free, healthy life Increases financial gain and wealth
    Ayusha Homa
    INR  9700
    INR 10400 (Save 7%)
    Not Available | Free Shipping
    Ayusha Homa is performed to increase the life span of a person and to boost a healthy life. It is generally perfornmed when a person is suffering from any illness or who is under Balarishta Yoga. Religious Significance of Ayusha Homa Invoking Ayur devata and chanting Ayusha Suktham for good health and longevity Can be performed for any age group to energise a person When can the Ayushya Homa be performed? Ayushya Homa is performed on the janma tithi of the person. It can also be performed on any other auspicious day by consulting an astrologer. Advantages of Performing the Ayusha Homa Removes all the negative effects and chances of accidents and injuries Erases mental and physical problems
    INR  2000
    INR 2600 (Save 23%)
    Not Available | Free Shipping
    Annaprasana ceremony is celebrated from the baby is given solid food for the first time. Payasam is fed to the child and blessing is sought from the Gods and Goddesses. Religious Significance of Annaprasana Ceremony Annaprasana is performed for a healthy and prosperous life for the baby It is believed that any unwanted things swallowed by baby while in mother’s womb will get cleansed When can be the Sathapathi Pooja be performed? A date can be selected by consulting a pundit. Advantages of Performing the Sathapathi Pooja Protects the child by increasing the life span