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    Shani Graha Japa
    INR  34300
    INR 36100 (Save 5%)
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    The Shani Graha Japa is performed to gain favour of Shani Devaru who is the ruling planet of aspects like judgment, truthfulness and discipline. Religious Significance of the Shani Graha Japa The son of Surya Devaru, Shani Devaru makes one go through hardships to learn discipline and truthfulness for spiritual enhancement. Unfavourable position of this Graha on the horoscope causes misfortunes and financial losses The Shani Graha Japa is helpful in countering Shani Graha Doshas in horoscope, reducing the ill effects of this planet When Can the Shani Graha Japa be Performed? Saturdays are most suited for this japa or any other date as suggested by your pandit as per the birth chart. Advantages of Performing the Shani Graha Japa Helps in attaining success in career or professional field Bestows wealth and wisdom
    Chandra Graha Japa
    INR  19200
    INR 20000 (Save 4%)
    Not Available | Free Shipping
    In the horoscope, Chandra or moon is the planet which governs childhood, fertility and pleasures. Unfavourable position of this planet in a birth chart can bring misery and unhappiness to your life. Performing the Chandra Graha Japa will counter any sort of Chandra Graha Dosha that you are facing. Religious Significance of the Chandra Graha Japa If Chandra Graha is positioned in the 4th, 6th, 8th or 12th house then it may lead to menstrual troubles, breathing difficulties, fertility issues and lack of confidence The Chandra Graha Japa is a helpful tool in resolving the Doshas emerging from such inimical position When Can the Chandra Graha Japa be Performed? Monday is most suited for this japa. However, you may fix a suitable date according to your janma nakshatra by consulting a pandit Advantages of Performing the Chandra Graha Japa Reduces stress, depression and enhances mental stability Helps in spiritual and material gain
    Kalathra Dosha
    INR  11500
    INR 12200 (Save 6%)
    Not Available | Free Shipping
    If the 7th House in your horoscope is afflicted by an ominous planet like the Rahu or Ketu then it is called Kalathra Dosha causing misfortunes. The Kalathra Dosha Nirvana is a highly effective Parihara performed to counter Kalathra Dosha Religious Significance of the Kalathra Dosha Nirvana Kalathra signifies the life-partner or spouse The 7th House in the horoscope denotes Kalathra and if this House is adversely affected by a planet then problem with spouse arises The Kalathra Dosha Nirvana Parihara is helpful in nullifying the Kalathra Dosha, removing its ill effects When Can the Kalathra Dosha Nirvana be Performed? This Parihara should be performed on either Fridays or Sundays. Advantages of the Kalathra Dosha Nirvana Prevents conjugal problems from escalating into fights, misunderstanding and divorce Improves the chances of getting a good life partner