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    Rahu Graha Japa
    INR  32500
    INR 34100 (Save 5%)
    Not Available | Free Shipping
    The head of Asura Rahu is a shadow planet which controls many dimensions of human life such as material gain, enjoyment, emotions and psychology. The Rahu Graha Japa is performed to appease this shadow planet, beseeching its favour. Religious Significance of the Rahu Graha Japa In case the Rahu Graha is positioned unfavorably in a horoscope it may cause emotional unsteadiness, psychological problems and tension Rahu Graha Japa helps in significantly curbing Rahu Graha Doshas in your birth chart When Can the Rahu Graha Japa be Performed? Sundays, Tuesdays and Saturdays are ideally suited for this japa. Advantages of Performing the Rahu Graha Japa Offers mental steadiness and keeps stress, tension at bay Protects from accidents and health disorders
    Shukra Graha Japa
    INR  34800
    INR 36200 (Save 4%)
    Not Available | Free Shipping
    Shukra Graha is the ruling planet of governing aspects of our life such as beauty, love, marriage and sex life. Through the Shukra Graha Japa one can impress and please the Shukra Devaru gaining his favour and leading a prosperous life. Religious Significance of the Shukra Graha Japa Shukra Graha is responsible for enabling a person enjoy all the worldly comforts If this Graha is unfavorably positioned in a horoscope then attaining material wealth would become difficult. The Shukra Graha Japa removes such adversities. When Can the Shukra Graha Japa be Performed? Fridays or any other auspicious date according to your birth chart is suitable for this japa. Advantages of Performing the Shukra Graha Japa Improves conjugal relationships Offers financial gain and luxuries
    Chandra Graha Japa
    INR  19200
    INR 20000 (Save 4%)
    Not Available | Free Shipping
    In the horoscope, Chandra or moon is the planet which governs childhood, fertility and pleasures. Unfavourable position of this planet in a birth chart can bring misery and unhappiness to your life. Performing the Chandra Graha Japa will counter any sort of Chandra Graha Dosha that you are facing. Religious Significance of the Chandra Graha Japa If Chandra Graha is positioned in the 4th, 6th, 8th or 12th house then it may lead to menstrual troubles, breathing difficulties, fertility issues and lack of confidence The Chandra Graha Japa is a helpful tool in resolving the Doshas emerging from such inimical position When Can the Chandra Graha Japa be Performed? Monday is most suited for this japa. However, you may fix a suitable date according to your janma nakshatra by consulting a pandit Advantages of Performing the Chandra Graha Japa Reduces stress, depression and enhances mental stability Helps in spiritual and material gain
    Karthya veeryarjuna Homa
    INR  9800
    INR 10400 (Save 6%)
    Not Available | Free Shipping
    Karthyaveeryarjuna Homam is conducted to restore lost wealth and property thereby bringing prosperity and stability in life. It is also conducted to know information about missing person or stolen materials and to restore them. Religious Significance of Karthaveeryarjuna Homa God Karthaveeryarjuna is worshipped who is believed to have 1000 hands When can the Karthaveeryarjuna Homa be performed? The day and time can be fixed as per the position of the stars of the person performing the Homa. Advantages of Performing the Karthaveeryarjuna Homa Helps regain wealth and property that rightfully belongs to you Unites with lost relatives and other known people
    Swarna Gowri Vratha Pooja
    INR  5600
    INR 6200 (Save 10%)
    Not Available | Free Shipping
    Swarna Gowri Vratha Pooja, also popularly known as Gowri Habba, is observed to please the goddess Parvathi Devi. This puja is mainly performed by married women seeking the goddess’s blessing for the well-being and good fortune of their husbands. Unmarried girls can also perform this puja to be blessed with good life partners. When can Swarna Gowri Vratha Pooja Performed? Just before the day of Ganesh Chaturthi, on the Bhadrapada Shukla Tritiya or the third day of the month of Bhadrapada this pooja has to be performed. Religious Significance of Swarna Gowri Vratha Pooja Invoking goddess Parvathi for blessings as ordained in the shastras Advantages of Swarna Gowri Vratha Pooja Helps unmarried women to counteract Doshas Grants material prosperity to married women Fulfills prayers of good health, good fortune and happiness