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Sheshu Swamy

5 years experience

Rohit Sharma

5 years experience

Kalyan Acharya

5 years experience

Gowardan sharma

5 years experience

Pooja Kits

Nitya pooja Kit - ₹ 500

Vehicle Pooja Kit - ₹ 500

Havan Kit - ₹ 300

Ganapathi Pooja Kit - ₹ 600

Lakshmi Pooja Kit - ₹ 1000

Navagraha Pooja Kit - ₹ 600

Grihapravesha Kit - ₹ 2000

Namakaranam Kit - ₹ 2000

Anaprasanna Kit - ₹ 2500

Satyanaraya Puja Kit - ₹ 2000


Kartik v

2019-10-14 04:49:25

We have approached poojanpujari team for my parents Shastipoorthi puja to be performed at any temple. They have tied up with wide range of temples in and around Bangalore, Karnataka. They gave us a lesser quote than we expected, they dont suggest you to buy any unwanted pooja material. They will also bring puja material along with them if you are ask them, and ofcouse they charge for that.

M Srinivas

2019-10-10 00:26:57

If you are a budget constraint person, and looking for simple shop opening pooja. You are in right place to find the purohit, Poojanpujari team provides you the best purohits in bangalore along with puja samagri. You can book pandit in your prefered language.


2019-10-10 00:21:27

It is very simple to book a purohit for Satyanarayana Pooja at Pooja N Pujari. They also deliver you puja material along with assigning purohit. This kind of service is very helpful for non local people. Thanks Bindhu

Vijay Kiran

2019-09-24 23:21:39

They will perform puja at a very affordable cost. You can book them online.

About Puja N Pujari

India is a secular country and is home to at least nine identified religions and many more unidentified religions. So, being worlds seventh largest country by area and second largest by population, and it is well know for urban migration. People from different states, cities migrate to different places in the country and practice rituals at the festivals in their own traditional way. In this case its really difficult to find a Purohit and Pandit for puja who understands your customs and tradition's. We “Pooja N Pujari” team are here to help you connect with pandit near you.

We work with a qualified and dedicated team in a very organized manner and keen to help you out in finding / booking a Pandit or Purohits online for performing puja and Homa’s at your home, workplace and temples. At present we are serving in Bangalore, Karnataka but slowly and steadily we are expanding our business to other major cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai etc. South Indian Purohits Available for (Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Odisa) language pujas. North Indian Pandits Available for (Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarathi, Oriya, Bihari) language pujas.

We have tie-ups with several professional and vedic pujari's and purohit’s belonging to different states and cultures, hence we are providing our services in different languages such as:

Why Pooja N Pujari

When we live in metropolitan’s or capitals its not possible every time to go out and search special items required for performing Puja’s and other rituals and sometimes its even more difficult when you think of finding Pandit’s who will perform all the rituals according to your traditions. We the Pooja N Pujari team is working 24/7 for your convenience to provide you best possible services and make you feel comfortable. We are providing this platform to ease your work and remove worries from your life. Now its very easy for you to sit at home and enjoy all cultural festivities away from your home. We are working together to prosper as a complete package and provide with all types of puja related help under one roof.

Apart from booking of pandit’s we sell puja related items, puja kits aswell. These puja kits are specially designed and packed for your convenience which can be used for Satyanarayan puja, Laxmi puja, Diwali puja, Teez puja, Navaratri puja, Griha Pravesh, Ganapathi Homa and at many more pujas. Our products are nicely packed to avoid any damage.

Pooja N pujari is also selling spiritual and festive home decor items online which can be used for gifting to your loved ones and friends. These products are available on our website and with the home delivery facilities.

Wish you luck and welcome you to kindly give us a chance to provide you our services.

Some of our service’s are listed below:

FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Visit the online portal of Pooja N pujari and book the pandits of your choice and preferred language by following these simple steps.

  • Visit our website Pooja N Pujari.

  • Go the respective puja page.

  • Fill the form and submit.

  • You will receive call from our representatives. And they will connect you with purohit if you have doubts regarding puja.

  • Talk to purohit and get puja details

  • Make advance payment to confirm.

"Yes" Pooja N Pujari believes in customers satisfaction and so we welcome those who wish to pay us through our online portal and payment gateways. We follow easy steps to accept your payments and assures the delivery through confirmation messages after the money is received.

Pooja N Pujari is a Bangalore based spiritual firm with an aim to provide all kind of puja related services to its customer base. Besides being a provider of pandits and purohits, we are also into spiritual business where we sell only puja related items and materials. These puja materials may range from a small packet of sindur, akshat, haldi or big gods and goddesses idols, puja thalis, small and big sized chambus and many more.

Yes, We have tie-ups with North Indian pandits as Pooja N Pujari spans its services throughout India and we love to help our customers in their own way. Be it a Bengali, Oriya, Bihari or any other language we help you find a suitable and highly versed pandit with your style tradition and customs.

. Yes, We have tie-ups with North Indian pandits as Pooja N Pujari spans its services throughout India and we love to help our customers in their own way. Be it a Bengali, Oriya, Bihari or any other language we help you find a suitable and highly versed pandit with your style tradition and customs.